Wireless Internet Service Provider


The growing number of internet hotspots in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, conference locations and fairs as well as at busy places in city centers, railway stations and public baths is a great challenge for service providers:

  • Representing diverse business models means managing free and fee-based hotspots with or without registration at the same time.
  • Individual "landing pages" involves offering portals with different designs, local information, open gardens etc.
  • Offering a multi-tenant management of registration and customer data and supplying an individual reporting to the infrastructure provider.
  • Connecting to the local systems of the hotspots (e.g. to hotel reservation systems (PMS), ticketing and access systems, clinical information systems)
  • Embedding roaming solutions of mobile operators (e.g. EAP-SIM) or roaming providers such as iPass, Boingo etc.
  • Limiting guests' accesses regarding inappropriate contents.
  • Fulfilling legal requirements in terms of storage of boundary data and complying with the new regulation "Lawful Interception".

In short, it is important to live up to the different expectations of the hotspots, but not to be obliged to develop a specific solution for each hotspot.


CloudGuard's product called MPP is currently the most scalable, flexible and comprehensive guest access portal solution for the management of a great number of hotspots.

Please contact us. We are happy to show you that MPP is the right software solution for your needs.