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Manufacturers of rail vehicles are increasingly being asked to offer a unified, Ethernet / IP-based communication infrastrufture in their vehicles. This is also referred to as "Internet protocol-based integrated on-board information system (IBIS-IP)”, an upcoming standard from the Association of German Transport Companies.

With such an infrastructure, passengers as well as staff can be served with many new and real-time communication and information services. In the future and with the ongoing digitalization and the emerging „Internet of Things (IoT)“ applications, the quality of operational processes can furthermore be increased significantly. 

Nowadays, a great number of isolated applications can still be found in rolling stock and busses. However, in the era of IoT communication systems no longer work in isolation. They share their information and states with other applications via secured interfaces. The strategy of isolated solutions has definitely reached its limits. In future, (current) separate applications, such as customer information systems, fleet management solutions, ticketing systems, passenger counters, sensors, cameras, etc. , will share their data in real-time, thus offering unimaginable possibilities for new applica- tions. Examples to be mentioned are a better registration and influence on passenger streams (-> customer analytics), supply of real-time information for staff, supply of personalized passen- ger information such as information on their journey or new services like the introduction of a dynamic ticket prizing.

The integration of manifold applications into one communication system means ever increasing requirements in terms of availability. Smooth network connectivity, however, is required at all times. The intelligent management of dead spots, for instance, is key and can be achieved by connecting to several mobile networks in parallel. Moreover, different safety requirements need a strict separation of traffic flows. And, Quality-of-Services mechanisms have to prioritize important applications over less critical ones. An IP-based communications system supporting so many devices, sensors and systems must be  provisioned autmatically, monitored at all times and also updated through regular software and security updates. Errors must be detected, alerted and can be bridged by dynamic redundancy mechanisms. 

CloudGuard Software AG is the ideal partner for manufacturers of rail vehicles in the implementation of an integrated and comprehensive IP-based communications infrastructure. We support you in the evaluation of the necessary hardware. For customer satisfaction, we will integrate the hardware with you and our Fleet Management System will monitor it reliably.

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