Mobile Hotspots


Nowadays, commuters and travelers increasingly use their journey for working, surfing or chatting. Tourists like their travel time to be as comfortable as possible. They appreciate a high-performance internet access for entertaining (e.g. information gathering on sights, posting photos). This service, however, should not incur high roaming costs. 


Buses, tramways and trains have a high attenuation on the mobile radio signal and therefore on the reception what greatly limits the usage bandwidth of mobile phone networks. To establish the best possible connection to the next base station, the passengers' devices send out strong signals what leads to a relatively high radiation exposure within the vehicles. A growing number of passengers and chauffeurs are irritated by these circumstances.


Innovative transportation companies offer their passengers free WLAN access in vehicles and at stops. Smartphones and laptops can connect with minimal transmission power via WLAN to the internet. By means of permanently installed roof antennas, several uplink technologies can be used in parallel. As a result, passengers benefit from an improved performance, the devices' battery life is extended and the radiation reduced.

Your Benefits

CloudGuard offers you a comprehensive Software products solution for the implementation of your mobile WLAN hotspots including all required components like:

  • High-performance internet access via WLAN in vehicles. Highly stable and reliable data connections despite signal interferences and high velocities
  • A scalable vehicle platform which supports 2xUMTS/LTE, WLAN, GPS, CAN-Bus and wired Ethernet
  • Flexible advertising opportunities and real-time information to your passengers
  • Having the possibility to implement value-added applications on top of a simple Internet access
    (like connection to information systems, cash register solutions, collection of passenger statistics, implementation of customer loyalty programs or feedback possibilities)
  • Wireless network access to internal devices (staff’s devices, iPads etc.)
  • Lower exposure to radiation for personnel and passengers
  • A centralized and multi-tenant management of all vehicles / hotspots
  • A content management system that assigns vehicle groups individual landing pages or Promotion 
  • An access portal solution which implements your individual business model
  • Our experience which derives from more than 100 successfully completed customer projects


Cloudguard is your ideal partner regarding implementation of required applications and appliances important for your hotspot strategy. Associated companies such as perform engineering and operational tasks and provide support for your mobile hotspots.

Please contact us and let us tailor your individual hotspot solution fully covering your needs.

Flyer Reference Case PostAuto (PDF)

Flyer Integrated Communication System (PDF)