Fleet Management

The solution called Fleet Communication Manager (FCM) of CloudGuard solves the automation of all relevant activities regarding the installation, control, monitoring and management of communication infrastructures in mobile transport environments. Stationary devices (for instance at stops and in ticket vending machines) as well as mobile devices in busses, trains and trams can be easily managed by a single management system. 

The multi-tenant Fleet Communication Manager renders support for the first installation of devices, their configuration, management and inventory. Devices and applications are constantly monitored and employees are immediately alerted if unexpected mistakes occur. Furthermore, extensive data logging offers a variety of possibilities. It facilitates Troubleshooting and allows for remote diagnostics. The remote access functionality provides access on each component and allows for performing changes or software updates in an efficient way. Interventions on site are longer required. Moreover, contents of the passenger information systems or marketing propositions on the Public WLAN landing page can be easily managed and controlled.

Feel free to contact us! Together, we and our partner WLAN-Partner.com AG will create an efficient and performant communication solution tailored to your vehicle fleet.

 Flyer Fleet Communication Manager