The diversity of network-capable devices and related administrative efforts are taking on ever-increasing dimensions. Thus, there is a need to securely connect different devices such as managed printers by printing services, medical devices or private iPhones and smartphones of employees with the network. Granting a secured and tailored access to every device represents a major challenge for network managers.

Our solution automatically routes all devices to the allocated network segment (VLAN), either based on mac-addresses, by means of 802.1x or web-based authentication.

As a Radius and LDAP server, the MACMAN controls accesses via authenticators like switches, WLAN access points and VPN gateways. Unauthorized or not recorded devices are listed respectively. Statistics provide useful information regarding registered devices as well as type and frequency of use and/or non-use.

Our solution MACMAN creates essential added value for you and your institution by:

  • multi-tenant device management (based on mac-addresses)
  • the delegation of the device management to departments, subsidiaries, external employees etc.
  • the integration into external accounting systems such as SAP
  • the accurate device localization via connection to CiscoWorks
  • representative statistics (compliance, port history, usage analyses)
  • inventory
  • the management of users who are not registered in the common centralized user directory

Your Benefits

  • secured network access for all devices
  • efficient and effective device management
  • reduced administrative overhead
  • integration into peripheral systems like Microsoft Active Directory, SAP, inventory database, CMDB, Radius server of diverse organizations etc.
  • automatic device allocation into the correct VLAN
  • network access control (NAC) solution for non-802.1x enabled devices




User Management

Device Management


Device Types

Interface Types

Ability to define Annotation Fields


IEEE 802.1x usage report

User access report

Port history



Monitoring & Accounting

System Status



SAP billing


Multi-tenant web interface



Appliance oder eigene Hardware

VMware ESX



Synchronisierte Geräte-/Benutzerdatenbank

System & Daemons

System Configuration (e.g. IP address, Gateway et cetera)

Ciscoworks Integration

IEEE Registered OUIs


Ethernet-Interfaces (depends on hardware)

IEEE 802.1q (VLAN)